Woman Hospitalized After Drinking a Corrosive Latte from McDonald’s

She probably isn't lovin' it.
Phoebe Hurst
London, United Kingdom
February 8, 2017, 5:00pm

There are a couple of unpleasant consequences that can be expected from a trip to McDonald's. The crushing guilt at having broken the promise you made to yourself (and Leo) after watching Cowspiracy, never to ever eat an animal product ever again, for example. The inevitable digestion issues that occur after face-planting a Quarter Pounder and washing it down with a large strawberry milkshake and Oreo McFlurry. The disbelief at having burnt your tongue on the apple pie filling. Again. After all these times.

But unless you're Morgan Spurlock, no one expects to end up in hospital following a visit to the Golden Arches. And yet that's exactly what happened to one unfortunate McDonald's customer in Sweden.

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As Swedish news site The Local reports, Rebekah Sjölund recently bought a latte from a branch of the fast food chain in Ängelholm, southern Sweden. What she didn't know was that the coffee had been made in a machine that should have been closed off from use, as it was being cleaned with a highly corrosive substance.

Upon drinking her contaminated coffee, Sjölund experienced horrifying symptoms. She told The Local: "I had difficulty breathing and could feel immediately that there was corrosion in my mouth. I was terrified."

Sjölund went to the hospital emergency room, where she spent four hours being treated. She has since recovered, but things could have been a lot worse. Sjölund also told the site: "Luckily the corrosive agent was slightly diluted because there was both water and milk in the cup. It could have ended a lot worse if it was more concentrated."

The Ängelholm McDonald's is calling the incident "very serious" and has promised to compensate Sjölund. Let's hope it's not with a McCafe loyalty card.