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This London Restaurant Menu Is Written Entirely in Emojis

The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill makes its guests decode a series of emojis and place orders via WhatsApp. What a time to be alive.

When the new wave of emojis was released in June, basic bitches everywhere rejoiced at the avocado's long-overdue induction into the Emojipedia. Brunch text game was also taken to new heights with the addition of both pancake stack and bacon characters, while the aubergine found a new rival in the form of the green cucumber. No one yet knows what to do with that potato, though.

But it wasn't until this week that The Little Yellow Door restaurant in London's Notting Hill took full advantage of the update by launching an emoji menu from which customers can order dishes over instant messaging service WhatsApp.


What a time to be alive.

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The menu, which will run only on Wednesday and Thursday evenings throughout the summer, encourages diners to work out what each dish is before messaging their table number and order, or dare to actually converse with staff and "find a friendly waiter."

Kamran Dehdashti, the owner of the restaurant, which styles itself as a kind of flatshare with a cuisine that changes depending on the "resident" currently living there, told MUNCHIES in a statement that their emoji menu is all in the name of embracing technology.

He said: "We felt that due to emojis becoming such a huge part of everyday life, it would be a fun idea to run with and embrace technology. So far, so good—people seem to be enjoying the idea. Some people are more comfortable ordering via the waiter but all in all, people are having quite good fun."

Diners at The Little Yellow Door should be warned, though—just when you think you've nailed decoding that steak roll with mushrooms, rocket, and … maybe a chestnut? what you'll actually get is a steak roll with truffle mayo, caramelised onion, and rocket. Hmm.

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And we're still trying to work out what would turn on your table if you ordered the yellow heart, door, house, and punch emojis cocktail.

But if you get really stuck, you can always ask one of those friendly waiters for help. At least robots haven't taken over that yet … oh wait.