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We Talked About DIY Kombucha On the Latest Daily VICE

On the latest Daily VICE, editor in chief Helen Hollyman discusses just how easy it is to make your own kombucha at home, the gateway beverage into fermentation.

Here at MUNCHIES, we're thrilled about Daily VICE, the brand new daily show bringing you the best content that VICE has to offer.

On the latest episode, our editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman talks about the latest from our gardening column, Dirty Work, and the unique way to make your very own kombucha at home.

So we invited Mission Chinese Food's chef de cuisine, Angela Dimayuga, to our lush rooftop garden and encouraged her to craft some seriously zany concoctions. After Dimayuga picked some of her favorite botanicals (anise hyssop and fresh mint, to name a few), she took her haul back to the kitchen at Mission Chinese Food to show us that making your own healthy drink is a hell of a lot easier than you'd expect.

To read more about how to brew kombucha at home, check out the full story here.