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Join Action Bronson & NYCWFF to Eat Through Brooklyn's Best Spots

Big news: We're throwing you the biggest culinary block party Brooklyn has ever seen.
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If spreading love is the Brooklyn way, consider this your edible love letter.

New York City is possibly the greatest city in the world, and Brooklyn is its best borough—and that's not just because our VICE HQ is here.

To show how much we adore you and this place, we're thrilled to announce that MUNCHIES has teamed up with New York City Wine & Food Festival to host the most delicious Brooklyn block party this zip code has ever witnessed. And who better to celebrate our amazing neighborhood than with none other than Action Bronson?

Come hang out with MUNCHIES and Mr. Baklava on October 14 for an evening and eat your way through some of the greatest food that Brooklyn has to offer. It's all taking place at the delightful beer and food hall, Berg'n. Grab your tickets so you can feast on signature dishes paired with refreshing cocktails from an all-star roster that includes the likes of Frankies Spuntino, Llama Inn, Ovenly, Talde, Luksus, and more. To learn more about the NYCWFF's full list of events taking place around New York City, head over to their full site.

So stop staring at this sentence and go purchase your tickets already. Besides, Mr. Wonderful is waiting on you.