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Festus Ezeli's Block on Blake Griffin Defies Physics, Defines Warriors

How do you even block when your hand is under the dunk?

What is wrong with the Warriors? No, seriously, there is some kind of superhuman freakness about them that's putting everyone else in their places. And nothing could possibly exhibit this better than Festus Ezeli's block last night.

While going up for a dunk, Hollywood hotshot Blake Griffin was absolutely manhandled by Ezeli in a block that was the definition of all ball. "Shamed" isn't even an adequate word. What is more, the whole thing seems to defy physics. How'd Ezeli block the dunk if his blocking hand was underneath Griffin's hand? What? Did he actually palm it and rip it out of Griffin's hands?

Nasty. Coming off a 5-0 beginning of the season the (Oakland) Warriors are stuffing the shit out of people right now. Last night proved that the Warriors are ready to ratchet it up to playoff-level ball at the drop of a hat—particularly given Curry's clinic in the last five minutes.

It felt like a late May night in the beginning of November, and the Warriors would absolutely take this series in four.

(Editors' note: Liam Pierce is a biased Warriors fan and probably can't objectively write about them.)