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Obama is Lucky to Golf With Steph Curry, Ray Allen, and Alonzo Mourning

What you gotta do to play with POTUS? Win an NBA championship or something?

Chill Friday with the MVP & @POTUS.
— Golden St. Warriors (@warriors) August 15, 2015

Obama has been hitting the links so hard, his fingers are starting to blister. After rounding out a week of playing golf with old-ass Ray Allen and logically-retired Alonzo Mourning, Obama moved on to Steph Curry yesterday.

When you're the MVP, the President of the United States drives YOUR golf cart…
— ESPN (@espn) August 15, 2015

You mean to tell me that when the president is driving your cart around, you're still referring to your day as a "Chill Friday?" Even when you're being introduced to Bill Clinton?

msnbc: This is not a drill: POTUS / Steph Curry / Vernon Jordan went golfing, ran into Bill Clinton. …
— Jodi Jones (@happydreams22) August 15, 2015