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Antonio Brown is a Fathead Artist

This Fathead probably cost less than the fine, but it's worth so much more.

In the days of yore, Greek Gods were immortalized in marble. Statues, however, are so ostentatious and they clog the hell up out of a man cave. Today's athletic titans go with the more understated memorial, the life-sized Fathead.

That's how the Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown—"#1 in the game, the NFL, whatever it is," according to his Snapchat bestie DJ Khaled—rolls anyway. Brown recently posted a clip sporting two of his career-defining moments as rendered in vinyl. The cooler of the two custom designs include the indelible 2014 moment when Brown "tried to hurdle" Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning by cleating him in the face. Brown's beautiful 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty, and subsequent $8,200 fine, has been immortalized for all who enter his rec room, or social media web, to see. Via CBS Sports, who grabbed it from his Snapchat:

There's no shame in NFL blood money for Brown. His Lt. Aldo Raine-sampled credo "Business is Booming'" is more than simple words. It takes a special talent to glorify that which lines Roger Goodell's pockets. So what if it cost him $11,576 to mount a goalpost after a 71-yard punt return touchdown against the Colts in 2015. It was an amazing human achievement. It goes up on the wall. It's a museum to his greatness, fines be damned, the self-described "2piece Call God," which coincidentally was Caravaggio's original title for "Victorious Cupid."

Antonio Brown, Fathead Artist.

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