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Viacheslav Datsik to Make MMA Return When Released From Prison Later This Month

MMA’s most infamous character wants to return to the sport… according to his mom.

Viacheslav Datsik. Where do you start with this guy?

Well, he did knock out UFC heavyweight contender Andrei Arlovski during his MMA debut back in 1999. But, Datsik is more renowned for his outlandish statements, his neo-Nazism and other despicable crimes outside of the sport. It's safe to say his notoriety dwarfs his less-than-stellar 6-9 professional MMA record.

He was originally arrested in 2007 for a number of armed robberies on phone shops across St. Peterburg. However, he was soon recognized by the Russian courts as being insane and avoided prison time with the courts opting to send him to a local psychiatric hospital instead.


Adding to his ever-increasing rap sheet, Datsik promptly escaped from the Leningrad clinic to seek political asylum in Norway, before being arrested and transferred back to Russia for his links to neo-Nazism and for illegally entering the country. Upon the dastardly Datsik's entry into Norway, he proudly declared himself as "not a nationalist, but a racist" to the on looking Scandinavian press. Datsik has made no secret of his beliefs, having made various anti-Semitic and anti-Christian comments over the years—one of which accusing Jesus Christ of being an agent for Israel's intelligence service Mossad.

The self-styled "Red Tarzan" also has a burning desire to seek revenge on Fedor's not-so lil' bro' Aleks Emelianenko. Datsik obviously feels wronged by Emelianenko—so much so that he submitted his defamatory diatribe to the Moscow courts to prevent his foe from being released from prison himself. Despite the letter's questionable content, you can't deny the beauty of that crazed man's handwriting skills.

Now, Datsik is in fact due to enjoy his first taste of legitimate freedom in almost ten years and, according to his mother Svetlana, the now 36-year-old vitriolic Viacheslav has his sights set on a return to competing in professional MMA.

On the topic of what her son will be up to upon his release from prison, Svetlana told—as translated by Bloody Elbow's Karim Zidan—"He's just going to fight. They [Krasnoyarsk] have a gym where he can train. I do not want to advertise [his opponent] in advance."

So, it looks like one of MMA's most notorious characters will be returning to action fairly soon. It will be interesting to see he adds any craziness to his highlight reel. At least this means Datsik's volatility will be contained within the confines of a cage… for now.