Floyd Mayweather Willing to Give Conor McGregor $15 Million to Fight

McGregor had previously demanded a $100 million purse to fight Mayweather.
January 11, 2017, 8:20pm

Floyd Mayweather, close personal friend of Donald Trump, has presented a golden opportunity to Conor McGregor, showering riches all over him.

Up to a point, anyway.

The retired soon-to-be-40 Mayweather went on the Stephen A. Sycophant Fun-Time Shouty Show and countered 28-year-old Conor McGregor's demands for a $100 million boxing purse with an offer of $15 million and a back-end percentage of the pay-per-view.

Money, putting some of his money where his mouth is, explained to First Take why the much lower figure to fight the UFC light heavyweight champion makes sense thusly:

"How can a guy talk about making 20 or 30 million if he has never made 8 or 9 million in a fight.I'm saying, I've made $300 million in 30 minutes. So, what I'm saying is this…whatever he's made, if he's made $8 million in a bout, I'm willing to give him $16. If he's made $5 million I'm gonna give him $10 million. If he's made $3 million, I can only give you $6 million. I can ask for a $100 million because I've made that on more than one occasion."

Will this fight ever happen? Remains to be seen. But if it does, the fighters could find no better venue than the classy Trump Las Vegas. Listen up, Pretty Boy and Notorious: either get this thing done or let it go. Don't piss on the fight fans and tell 'em it's raining.