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ESPN Ran a Bizarre Segment on Shane Ray

ESPN had a very weird segment about Shane Ray, who got cited for possession of less than 35 grams of pot, and it featured a crying Cris Carter.

Missouri defensive end Shane Ray was selected by the Broncos with the 23rd overall pick, much lower than he likely would have been selected had he not been pulled over three days prior for speeding and a search of his car revealed he had a small amount of marijuana in a compartment. He was cited for possession of under 35 grams of marijuana, driving in the right lane, and given a warning for the speeding. That's it. He was cooperative, he was not stoned, and he was not detained. Never let that stop the NFL media from putting on their concerned pants and saying a rosary for better decision making in the future.

Which brings us to this weird clip. Trey Wingo introduces this segment featuring Cris Carter as if Ray got a reprieve from death row and is lucky to be free, let alone a Denver Bronco, noting his terrible neighborhood and lack of father, while also dealing with "this"—which, again, is a marijuana citation for less than 35 grams and doesn't even exist in his new place of employment. Cris Carter says some nice things and offers valuable advice—a good rule of thumb in life is to never do anything to disappoint your mother—but do we need to further make an example of this kid to feel better about ourselves? The narrative we see all too often with creepy things where grown men talk about hand sizes for eight hours—that "he cost himself millions of dollars with poor judgment..but he's shown great accountability since"—is, at best, paternalistic grandstanding and, at worst, completely dehumanizing. Shane Ray had a little bit of weed in his car! That's it!