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This Super Intense NHL Ref is Awesome

NHL referee Wes McCauley has a flair for the dramatic.

Five minutes each for FIGHTING!
— Marina Molnar (@mkmolnar) February 13, 2017

NHL referee Wes McCauley has earned a reputation for being extremely into announcing calls to the crowd and making sure he enunciates clearly and FORCEFULLY. The Boston Bruins played the Montreal Canadiens Sunday night, and maybe he was extra jacked up because; that rivalry does always get the juices flowing, to be fair. So much so, in fact, that the teams were not even one minute into the game when Andrew Shaw and Torey Krug dropped the gloves and began grappling.

Krug had registered a big hit on Shaw in a previous game and Shaw was apparently out for justice, and wasted little time pursuing it. But that's just background, the real good stuff here is the aftermath, when McCauley announcing the major penalties for Shaw and Krug, along with a little demonstrative flair and illustrative movement: "…both guys, five minutes each for FIGHT-ING!"

Thank you, Wes. We all won this fight, thanks to your added intensity and dedication; you have made winners of us all. Except the Canadiens, who lost 4-0.