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​NFL DFS Wildcard Round – The Sunday Crossword

Playoff DFS is a whole different ballgame. We show you the way.
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Well, the NFL regular season is complete and here comes the playoffs. And with that the DraftKings' Millionaire Maker GPP continues. But make no mistake, the playoffs bring a different game. You only have four games to choose players from, and a perfect ticket, if mathematically possible, will be achieved by multiple people.

So don't worry as much about percent ownership. You need the top scorer at each slot, and whether the rest of the world has him too matters less than how much he scores. This was always true, but there are no longer multiple paths to elite scoring that a much wider swath of games offers you. Kirk Cousins (this week's price $5,900) looks to be the highest owned quarterback. Sure his price is great, but all you need to ask yourself is if he is going to score more than the other eight starting quarterbacks. I think it's going to be Russell Wilson ($7,000).


The options at running back are so limited, I'd be happy not to take any. There's Adrian Peterson ($7,300) and the cast of Newsies. And everyone remembers how Peterson fared against Seattle. So good night and good luck with your choices. I'm probably gonna fade Peterson this week because I want this next guy at wide receiver.

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Antonio Brown ($9,600) is the most expensive player by $1,200. And the question here is if Brown is going to score amongst the top three wideouts (or four if you count the flex). The answer is not necessarily. He has scored 15 and 16 points against Cincinnati and a repeat performance will get you beat. It is the ultimate with him or against him play. So choosing to pick Brown needs to be the first question you tackle. It scares me to death to bet against him, so I'm finding a way to afford him.

Two games start on Saturday and two game start Sunday, and all are included in the GPP. Here are some players this week for your consideration.


Ben Roethlisberger ($7,200) – Been mediocre against Cincinnati; Boom or bust potential

Russell Wilson ($7,000) – Above 21 points last seven games include 38 against Minnesota

Kirk Cousins ($5,900) – Will he hit 50% owned? Playing great and you can have him

A.J. McCarron ($5,200) – Ultimate contrarian move; You feeling lucky?

Adrian Peterson has struggled against Seattle. Will this week be different? Photo by Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


Adrian Peterson ($7,300) – He let the coaching staff hear it after his dud against Seattle; Will that help?


Charcandrick West ($5,700) – A two-headed monster in Kansas City, but the pickings are so slim at RB

Jeremy Hill ($5,000) – Pittsburgh very tough against the run

Eddie Lacy ($4,500) – You want to trust him now? I might

Christine Michael ($4,400) – 13 DFS points is his highest achievement


Antonio Brown ($9,600) – Gotta get that 40-point explosion

A.J. Green ($7,500) – Hit Pittsburgh where they're soft

James Jones ($4,500) – Green Bay's #1 wideout

DeSean Jackson ($4,500) – Love the boom/bust play here

Tyler Lockett ($4,400) – Hoping for special teams magic too

Stefon Diggs ($4,300) – Not loving his matchup

Marcus Wheaton ($4,000), Marvin Jones ($3,700) – These are the kind of plays that win (or likely lose) you the week

A.J. Green against the Pittsburgh secondary might be a good matchup. Photo by Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports


Jordan Reed ($6,300) – If you've got Cousins, you'll have Reed, and I don't blame you one bit

Tyler Eifert ($5,000) – Could he be the top scoring tight end? You bet

Heath Miller ($3,300) – A target monster twice against Cincinnati

Ryan Griffith ($2,600) – If you've spent all your money elsewhere


Seattle ($4,100) – Most expensive for a reason

Kansas City ($4,000) – Do you trust Brian Hoyer? Me neither

Cincinatti ($3,200) – Pittsburgh has it in them to lay an egg

My Ticket

Russell Wilson, Jeremy Hill, Eddie Lacy, Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, James Jones, Heath Miller, Tyler Lockett, Seattle Defense

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