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Watch Opeth's Eerie, Studio Ghibli-Esque Video for "Era"

Proggy songs need proggy visuals.

Opeth have unveiled a new video for "Era" off last year's super-prog effort Sorceress. Directed by Markus Hofko, the clip stars a kid being taken on an abstract journey by a ghostly figure that kinda looks like No-Face from Spirited Away. There's a lot that could be written about the relationship between metal and anime but that's for another, much later time.

The protagonist of the "Era" video ends up finding Opeth encased in stone, a possible nod to Deep Purple's iconic In Rock album cover and an eternally cool way to show that a band just rocks so hard their flesh undergoes lithification. Look that one up if you're curious. Watch the "Era" video below.

Phil will always end up writing like this if he hears a Hammond organ. He's on Twitter.