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Toronto Rapper G Milla Wants To Be Like Jim Morrison With Debut Project ‘LFDY’

You’re gonna want to let the sun set for this.

Photo courtesy of the artist Over the last year, G Milla has kept his moves relatively quiet. On Soundcloud, the handful of tracks he's released over the last three years might suggest that nothing was happening. In reality, the downtown Toronto artist has been tirelessly working on a small, personal, and deeply dark project—one built around a central idea: live fast, die young, and enjoy yourself doing it.


With a tight bundle of six tracks, G Milla's debut project is finally here (on Friday the 13th of all times). LFDY is dark, drugged-up, and distinctly urban. It features two of his earlier singles (his solo, album-titled closer track, and "On Me", his collaboration with affiliated Esplanade rapper Teddy Fantum), along with four more ice cold records. All of these songs are bridged or mixed with cryptic shoutouts to Jim Morrison, James Dean, and the majority of the 27 Club. If you're feeling the vibe we are, check out the premiere of LFDY below.

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