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Ones and Zeros: Sexy Panda Poop and Sneaky Snails

h3. One: Lockheed Martin's "new speedy transport plane": (DVICE) h3. Zero: Parrots are learning to "talk like people in the wild":

One: Lockheed Martin’s new speedy transport plane (DVICE)

Zero: Parrots are learning to talk like people in the wild (Australian Geographic)

One: Panda dung hormones reveal sex secret (BBC)

Zero: Snails are infiltrating continents by flying inside birds (Discover Magazine)

One: Squirrels rage on senate incredibleness ensues (CNN)

Zero: The truth about hot dogs womp womp (Mental Floss)

One: Robot controlled by rat’s brain (New Scientist)

Zero: Rapping about the Krebs Cycle

One: Today Obama signs the America Invents Act
(Washington Post)

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