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KT I Transforms A French Island Into Topographical Abstraction

Macro photos of local textures become cascading, surreal forms of “cognitive topography”.
June 29, 2012, 11:04am

KT I - Les Embiez from A. N. F. on Vimeo.

Off the coast of southern France lies an island called Les Embiez, which is full of creeks and clear waters, inlets and beaches, craggy coastline, pine forests, and all sorts of loveliness that you can only dream about while stuck in the office. On this island paradise, Andreas Nicolas Fischer created an abstract video called KT I, which turns the landscape from one of wild, rustic beauty to one of wild peaking surfaces and flowing chromatic animation.

These interpretive visions that ebb across your screen are what Fischer calls, “An attempt of recreating the memory of the island through an artificial landscape composed of macro photos of local textures.” These intricate textures are what makes the video so intriguing and pleasing to look at, transforming the island from one of natural beauty to one of an artificial kind.

It becomes a pulsing, morphing, virtual artifice, a kind of topographic study through abstraction. Fischer explains the “KT” of the title stands for “cognitive topography.” I wouldn’t mind a vacation there.