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Featured Work From The Gallery: Week 24

Each week we bring you our favorite projects from the Gallery, showcasing the best of what The Creators Project community has to offer.
December 1, 2011, 11:38pm

Our new online Gallery provides creative professionals a platform to showcase their portfolio of work, gain exposure, build their network, find collaborators, and become eligible for funding opportunities like The Studio. The Gallery also helps fans of cutting edge creative work to discover new artists and inspiring projects. Each week we’ll be selecting a few of our favorites and bringing you the best of what The Creators Project community has to offer. To have your work featured, submit your tech-powered projects to the Gallery.

Manuel Dreesmann: Wandering In Knowledge

Design installation Wandern im Wissen (Wandering in Knowledge) visually exploits the knowledge and service of the overlooked library middleman. By analytically processing the stream of information searched and retrieved through the library’s computer system, visitors' queries are directly programmed and projected as a series of text, images and animations in real time. The structure, constructed geometrically by folded sheets of paper, connects the dynamics of traditional paper media with the world of digital information.

Pixelrelease: From Dust To Dust

Pixelrelease worked extensively with nearly 10 professional multimedia softwares to render the intoxicating visualizations for the short film Dust To Dust. Produced primarily with modo 501 and dynamesh cutting in Zbrush 4R2, the video features an enigmatic narrative, droning in and out of focus to follow a collective of particle matter. The conceptual detailing of the effect-heavy video is perplexing, incorporating glitchy waves of movement and textured figures that ambiguously vanish into mist.

Jim Branstetter: Kinetic Typography

After the passing of American soul and jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron, design director Jim Branstetter fashioned a kinetic typography project to pay homage to the musical legend. Orchestrating to Gil Scott-Heron’s political track “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” Branstetter manipulated a sequence of overlapping kinectic photographs, channelling the chaotic and abstract blurs as the backdrop for the video. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Gil Scott-Heron’s collaborative album We’re New Here featuring our soon-to-be Creator Jamie xx, a charismatic remix of Scott-Heron’s 2010 comeback LP I’m New Here.