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Horoscope's New Video Is an Unsettling Dive into the Subconscious

"Azabache Necklace Brought to Protect My Daughter" is bleak and dream-like.
Photo by Caroline Schub

No matter the form it takes, the music that Rene J Nunez Cabrera makes as Horoscope always feels hallucinatory. Over the past half decade, he's released a handful of cassettes and an LP that traverse the bleak territory between noise, ambient, and other unsettling forms of mostly-instrumental electronic music, exploring liminal spaces through washes of staticky melody. The video for "Azabeche Necklace Brought to Protect My Daughter," his latest single from his new album Misogyny Stone, pushes that idea even further.


The clip was directed by Marfisia Bel, who says it was meant as a "submersion into your subconscious—where dreams and nightmares are indistinguishable." Fittingly, as the drum machines and synths ooze bleakly, Bel layers hazy imagery in a manner that feels dream-like. It's peaceful at first, as flowers and abstract patterns pass over a human face, but it becomes increasingly distressing throughout. As the figure's smile becomes more unsettling, the imagery becomes more surreal. It highlights the malleability of Nunez Cabrera's composition; its gauzy crawl makes equal sense soundtracking bliss and terror.

Watch the video in full below, and look out for Misogyny Stone this Friday, April 21 on Wharf Cat.