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Let Robots Do Your Tinder Swiping (Because It's the Future)

When love is in the air—and also in your symmetrical facial composition—it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
Images courtesy the artist

It’s hardly a glamorous occupation, but swiping on Tinder's become a pasttime regardless of the quizzical frowns on the faces of begrudging swipers. Wading through waves of postgrads is an unpleasant task, no doubt, but someone has to do it. hankfully Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design grad Saurabh Datta has taken an innovative step forward: Conditional Lover, a robot that swipes for you.

Having previously designed force-feedback machines that "teach" you to draw, and even the "fitbit for your electronics," Datta set his sights on automating the world of online dating. Comprised of a mounted camera, robotic “fingertips,” a phone holder, and a motherboard with facial scanning software, Conditional Lover uses computational analysis to analyze the faces of your desired matches and swipes based on settings users can input, such as ethnicity, age, facial symmetry, and even whether they have glasses or not. (But what about guys who post ab pics? Can it filter them out?) The system also uses the golden ratio, the contested mathematical algorithm for classic beauty, to determine levels of attractiveness.


How well does it work? Says Datta, "I actually don't use a smartphone. I borrowed one from a colleague. He ran it on his profile and eventually went to two dates after running it for half an hr… He didn't even tell me…" So for a robot wingman, Conditional Lover might be your man. Check it out in action below:

Conditional Lover from Saurabh on Vimeo.

See more of Saura Dattabh’s work on his website here.


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