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Young Love Blooms at a Bowling Alley in Israeli Short Film 'Hit Me'

Israeli filmmaker Michael Mizrachi perfectly captures that "What if?" moment.
Screencaps, via.

Tel Aviv based director Michael Mizrachi's debut short film, Hit Me, captures a pivotal moment in young lovers' lives. The film follows a young man as he narrates his perfect first date: an intimate outing to the local bowling alley with a beautiful girl around his arm. He ties on her bowling shoes, plugs their names into the scoreboard, and drools over her as she takes her first bowl. Everything seems to be going well until this budding romantic’s fantasy comes to an abrupt halt and reality settles in: He is sad, wet, and alone.


The snappy three-minute short manages to fit in beautiful cinematography with an all-too-relatable story arc, and fetishizes the sport of bowling as the delicate and graceful dance that it is. The director captures a uniquely Israeli setting under the crisp glossy texture of a French disco video from the 70s.

Check out Hit Me below:

Hit Me from Michael Mizrachi on Vimeo.

Head over to Michael Mizrachi’s Facebook page to stay up to date on the young director’s work. Or you can head over to his Vimeo, here.


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