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Divine Lunar Energy Meets Stand-Up Comedy in New York City

Meet the life coach and reiki healer who are throwing a comedy show.
June 20, 2016, 5:40pm
Comedian Jessica Brodkin outside of Caroline's in NYC. Photo: Phil Provencio

As someone who left their phone in two Ubers last Mercury retrograde, I can tell you the movements of the planets are a big deal for me. This month, two uniquely qualified comedians are here to help. Sara Armour and Jessica Brodkin, a life coach and a reiki healer, respectively, have strung together a beautiful phrase, “full moon comedy,” as the theme for their next show. The Moonual: a Full Moon Comedy Ritual, will harness the power of the full moon—or at least, the power of the last phase of the three-day full moon, Armour tells The Creators Project.


On June 22 at Caroline’s in NYC, the comedians-slash-gurus will take their personal spiritual rituals to the stage, embodying the realization that their own lives get more intense around the full moon. On a recommendation, Armour has kept a journal timed with the moon’s phases. “I realized that every time I had a fight with a guy, or a bad housing situation, or a problem with my parents, the situations came to a head around the full moon,” she says. The Moonual both hopes to parody and portray these pressures.

Despite their careers in spiritual fields, Armour says “when we do our own ‘spiritually-oriented’ things, it’s really hard not to laugh. My comic self feels embarrassed that I’m a life coach. And sometimes my life coach self feels guilty that I’m a comic.” The duo takes their stories about full moon-inspired breakups seriously, but they also know their business when it comes to New Age spirituality. Does laughing about spirituality undermine the practice? They both agree that it strengthens their work—both as comics and healers, which isn’t necessarily mutually exclusive. “I crack a lot of jokes during my reiki sessions,” says Brodkin. “Usually people are coming to me when they’ve been through a trauma, and it’s helpful to lighten the mood. Humor is almost the most spiritual thing you can do, because it helps you to not take life so seriously.”

Joking around doesn’t mean that real witches should be deterred, insists Armour. “Surgery is funny, doctors are funny, lawyers are funny. If I’m making fun of doctors about something, I’m not calling the medical profession bullshit. Human beings are funny.” The pair plans to include a “ridiculous” drum circle, a group meditation, a visit from Armour’s astrologer, and lots of chanting. The audience will be given the opportunity to openly release their own monthly issues. There is talk of customized crystals. The comics will share some of their own stories of Full Moons gone haywire.


Armour encourages fans to come to the show in true life coach spirit: “We spend so much time avoiding things that make us feel vulnerable and uncomfortable,” she says. The way to get centered, then, is to come release your demons in a Midtown New York City comedy club.

The Moonual: A Full Moon Comedy Ritual will take place at Caroline’s on Broadway on June 22. Buy tickets here.


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