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Humans Get 3D-Scanned into N. Lannon's "Another Love" [Music Video]

Take a surreal trip to a spectacularly playful ocean planet in Michael Langan and Najeeb Tarazi's 3D-scanned music video for the San Rafael-based songwriter.
Images courtesy the artists

In the mind of a child, imagination knows no bounds. I myself remember childhood dreams as vividly as if they'd actually happened. It's the kind of thing companies like Pixar aim to generate with computers, a feeling of endless possibility that finds itself at home in the digital sphere. For San Rafael-based songwriter N.Lannon's "Another Love," a song about the fear and excitement surrounding birth, BOND Productions' Michael Langan and Najeeb Tarazi could find no better stage for a music video than by stacking two seemingly unlimited realms: the sea and a virtual 3D world.


Thus, "Another Love," which premieres today on The Creators Project, was created through 3D scanning. Using "three Kinects, each paired with a 4k color camera," a "dance zone" was created within which 16 shimmying performers, sock puppets, and a seriously pregnant woman were all transported onto another planet. The result is a spectacle as imaginitive as it is well-executed, a gentle journey to a universe of nurturing creative potential.

"What we're trying to do with the aesthetic of 'Another Love' is invert the uncanny valley—your brain knows you are looking at a pleasant artificial world, but it also senses that the characters you are seeing are actual people," Tarazi tells The Creators Project, referring to the feeling generated by a cast whose most notable actor, played by the 6'8" pink shirt and pocket-squared Alex Tarrant, gets to ride the head of a giant whale deep under the sea. "The aesthetic needs grew largely out of where the depth capture was at in terms of its look: video-gamey," Tarazi explains. "The tech is still in early days, and so the aesthetic of the characters in the video had to be unabashedly crunchy."

Says Langan, "The video games of the early 90s are a big inspiration for the video. You can feel Sonic the Hedgehog in the golden rings of lyrics. The color palette, dolphins, and environments are a nod to Wave Race 64, slowed down to a delicious pace." Ultimately, he sums it up best: "A science class daydream of a woman in a bikini with her head illuminating the universe."


Check out "Another Love" below:

N. LANNON - ANOTHER LOVE from Tarazi and Langan on Vimeo.

"Another Love" is off N. Lannon's album, Falling Inside, via Badman Recording Co.


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