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A Marbleized World of Shimmering Liquid? Yes, Please.

Thomas Blanchard’s liquid time lapse is a hypnotic meeting of every color along the spectrum.
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When in a dream, it’s often difficult to place location. In Thomas Blanchard’s latest liquid fantasy, titled Kingdom of Colours, the abstract maestro visualizes a new dream world, where phantasmagorphic streams of liquid pool one into the other. The best part—the sequence can live free of the ephemerality of a dream. The art video can be looped over and over in the lucid, waking world, provoking new states of awe and relaxation with each viewing.


 In previous ventures, he brought in edible kitchen elements like cinnamon and honey, adding to the immensely complex texture of his otherworldly torrents. Blanchard brings new interactions of his signature ingredients of paint, oil, and liquid soap to create a gushing display of beauty.

To see more videos and experimental art from Thomas Blanchard, visit his Vimeo page, here.


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