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A River of Light Flowers Springs to Life in Japan

teamLab's latest installation is as close as it gets to a visual haiku.
Images courtesy the artist

Digitally constructed flowers bud, blossom, and wither in teamLab's latest installation on the Oboke Koboke Gorge in Tokushima, Japan. The interdisciplinary art collective projected the stages of a plant’s life and death over the surface of a running river valley located under a waterfall near the Shirakawa Bridge. The installation is the latest addition to teamLab’s core Digitized Nature Art Project, where the collective uses digital non-materials to transform natural landscapes into magical works of art. Residents of the Japanese countryside were shuttled over to the installation site earlier this month, where they witnessed an LED bed of flowers experience a full seasonal year in the span of one hour. The projected installation is neither a pre-recorded animation or on a loop; the visuals are rendered on a computer in real time so each performance is different. teamLab writes, “Previous visual states can never be replicated, and will never reoccur.”


Check out a short video of one of the performances below:

Head over to teamLab’s website to check out more work by the collective.


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