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Moment Factory Turns Nature Installation Into Vibrant, Multi-Sensory Arena

"Biorama" at the Montreal Biodôme is a nature-lover's tech playground.
February 26, 2014, 4:15pm

Whether it's giving a tech-touch to Montreal's Red Light District or sparking a landscape of pixels for Nine Inch Nails' recent tour, multimedia studio Moment Factory always blow us away when it comes to turning spaces into hyper-stimulating, multi-sensory installations.

Yesterday, the studio published a demo video (above) that showcases its most recent project, Biorama, at the Montreal Biodôme. The installation allows visitors to walk through replicas of four North and South American ecosystems, awash in vibrant tech that mimics nature, including videos and images of the flora and fauna, kaleidoscopic effects produced through endless series' of mirrors, and "organic textures and sounds" culled from the wild.

While Biorama doesn't involve any living animals, it's undoubtedly a top notch multimedia experience for inspiring wonder in youngins and oldens alike. Just be careful, as with any zoo experience, you might never want to leave.

For more information, see Moment Factory's website, here