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Introducing: The Magnetic Levitating Lamp

Jazz up your home with the magnetic magic of Elivatix’s LUNALUXX lamp.

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A minimalistic, levitating lamp domesticates the maglev method in design duo Elivatix’s LUNALUXX lamp. LUNALUXX uses magnetic fields to suspend a delicate LED disk beneath the appliance’s sleek shade. With a permanent magnet mounted in its center, the lamp’s wafer-thin light source hovers weightlessly like miniature flying saucer—a fitting resemblance to its futuristic design.


The lamp’s levitation works through magnetic suspension—commonly referred to as maglev—which capitalize on attraction to suspend the permanent magnet on the LED disk beneath the lamp shade’s electromagnetic coil. When slid under the lampshade, a remote-controlled current pulses through the system at 1,000 times per second, keeping the disk steady in midair.

The design also uses remote phosphor technology to administer its light through two LEDs. In the base of the lamp, a blue LED shines up onto the LED disk, which is layered with phosphor. When the beam hits the layer on the disk, the blue light is absorbed and the disk radiates white. This twofold technology allows for a high energy efficiency, with the blue LED consuming only 2-3 watts of power, whilst the LED disk seems to glow with 15-20 watts of light.

Learn more about LUNALUXX on Elivatix’s Kickstarter page.

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