3,000+ Graphite Drawings Animate Nature's Inevitable Death

Killing is rampant in Miranda Javid's animation for PEALS "Become Younger" music video, but that's okay.
August 31, 2016, 5:45pm
Images courtesy the artist

Worms, snails, bees, fish, flowers, mice... Everything perishes in LA-based illustrator, animator, and former beekeeper Miranda Javid's new video for PEALS' "Become Younger." The few survivors, such as a hard-shelled hermit crab, aren't becoming younger, like the song's title says, but at least they'll get the chance to become older. Javid's meticulously detailed portrayal of each death, always at the hand of faceless humans, could come off as a condemnation of humanity's destructive relationship with nature, but PEALS' gentle notes conjur a peaceful acceptance of horror playing across Javid's crinkled pages.

Javid is personal friends with PEALS' William Cashion and Bruce Willen, and she says their music has had a profound influence on her work. "A couple of years back, I couldn’t stop listening to their song 'Blue Elvis.' One of my largest drawings, An Aeon of Hurtling Bodies was probably about 1/3 made while listening to that song," she tells The Creators Project. The artist has been working on "Become Younger" since 2014, but suffered a hand injury that took her out of commission for months. The video's entire process reflects the mixture of violence and tenderness infused into the video.

Watch her expertly-concocted mixture of cringe and tranquility below.

See more of Miranda Javid's work on her website.


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