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'Tesla Drone' Poised to Revolutionize Unmanned Filmmaking

With the Tesla Drone, South African industrial designer Fraser Leid aims to take drone filmmaking to the next level.
Images courtesy the artists

After the surge of interest in civilian drone culture, it didn’t take long for filmmakers to exploit their aerial footage capabilities (see: Drone Boning for a titillating example). Instead of expansive booms or renting out a helicopter, pros and prosumers alike could simply buy a drone and outfit it for cinema. And the drone’s smooth flight trajectories revolutionized aerial filmmaking.

Now, the creator of the new unmanned aerial vehicle, the Tesla Drone, hopes to make this type of cinematography even more flexible and smooth. Designed by Cape Town, South Africa-born industrial designer Fraser Leid (now based in London), the Tesla Drone is billed a reinterpretation of drone ingenuity.


The drone is made of two independent propellers that can be altered to either vertical or horizontal positions, giving it more stability and flexibility in navigation. And while its futuristic industrial design is sleek and beautiful, and perhaps inspired by the Starship Enterprise, Leid certainly understands the maxim “form follows function."

“This allows for advanced stability control and enhanced video capture in a variety of scenarios from sports to art,” Lied explains. “By straying away from conventional quadcopter configurations, the Tesla Drone introduces a new means of flight and video capture without the need of a gimbal for stability.”

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