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Hands-On: As a Video Game, Sign Language Becomes Something You Can Hack

Israeli design student Yael Weiser wants to make sign language appealing and accessible to all.
July 30, 2016, 11:40am
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Sign languages are incredibly expressive and beautiful, but unfortunately remain insular, as the majority of the world’s population is neither versed in nor willing to learn its unique means of communication. Israeli design student Yael Weiser hopes to change this with new app, SIGNS, which teaches users sign language through games and animations.

Weiser tells The Creators Project that SIGNS is her graduation project at Israel’s Bezalel Academy of Design. Her goal is to make sign languages, in different dialects, appealing and accessible to a much wider audience. “I’ve always found the world of sign language beautiful and fascinating, but when I tried to learn it, I found that it wasn’t accessible enough, and I couldn’t find a learning tool that motivated me,” Weiser says. “Through this project, I tried to create a visual identity that shows sign language as I see it—creative, intriguing and fun to learn. I was looking to create a different learning experience with gamification and animations.”


The games and animations, created by Weiser with help from Asaf Mendelovich, are clean, minimal and visually appealing. The stylized photography by Weiser, Avi Naim, Dan Deutsch and Tomer Zmora also lends the app an attractive air, which should keep things interesting for users as well. See in action below:

Click here to see more design work by Yael Weiser, and here to learn more about SIGNS.


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