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Ryder Ripps Designs Soylent Food Bars | Insta of the Week

Is black text on a white background enough to sustain you?

Checkout the @soylent Food Bar packaging I designed! (Also Soylent branding) I'd print out various sketches and fold them up in the shape of the product to get a feel for it. Final words came from @julliomilles CD over at @soylent

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Aug 16, 2016 at 3:49pm PDT

A recent review of studies found that just looking at delicious food can potentially make you fat, but you won't have that problem with the packaging for the new "Food Bar" packaging Ryder Ripps designed for Soylent in between his series of conceptual drones. The packaging goes out of its way to look as little like food as possible, resembling instead some sort of energy block you might come across in a 90s platformer game. It's well-documented that visuals can have a huge impact on taste, so in a moment where the most viral liquid food substitute on the net is going solid, Ripps' packaging raises questions about how experience will factor into the future of food. With minimalist typography assuring you that there is 2.12 oz, 60g, and 250 calories of…something… in there, will that be enough to sustain us in our hyperefficient culinary dystopia?


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