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Toyota Built a Beautiful Wooden Car Without Using Nails or Screws

It’s a model for Milan Design Week, so don’t expect to find these popping up on used car lots.
Images courtesy of Toyota

Cars are utilitarian machines, sure, but they also become vehicles for sentiment and nostalgia. In order to capitalize upon the sentimental value of cars, Toyota lovingly hand-crafted the woorden Setsuna, for this year’s Milan Design Week. The engineers at Toyota constructed it without screws or nails, and instead used traditional Japanese woodworking techniques to assemble the design. "When we created the Setsuna, we envisaged a family pouring its love into it over generations so that the car gains an irreplaceable value,” says Kenji Tsuji, the engineer behind the development of the car.  "Continuous development is possible in the form of bonds between the car and the family, like the growth rings of a tree."



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