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Turn Your Coke Case Into A DIY Virtual Reality Headset

Giant food companies are going tech by offering Google Cardboard-like glasses that can be created directly from their product packaging.
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Virtual reality is about to take over our day-to-day lives. Not only because VR headsets are now available for public purchase, but also because colossal companies like as Mcdonald's and Coca Cola are going VR by offering Google cardboard-like foldable glasses that can be created using their product packagings.

These VR-friendly, freshly designed boxes allow customers to turn their Coke or Happy Meal packaging into DIY cardboard headsets. Happy Goggles virtual reality headsets, a very limited edition Happy Meal box, were recently offered across Sweden, introducing VR madness to a few lucky Scandinavian kids.


Besides the playful eco-origamic aspect, many questions will emerge will emerge about how these companies will deal with the powerful new asset in their toolkit. Millions of people will be generously provided with the possibility to enjoy a virtual journey for just a few dollars, as long as they have a decent smartphone—but there's also the risk that VR branded experiences and immersive ads will make advertising an even stronger influence behavior than ever before. Also, for anti-capitalism militants and postmodernists, it’s easy to imagine a controversial alliance: while food companies enhance their marketing strategies by using immersive technology, the VR industry will take advantage of this wide audience to familiarize people with the experience and try to create a smooth transition from the McDonald’s virtual reality starter kit to more expensive and cutting edge VR-technology.

It is too early to draw conclusions, but there is no doubt that these kind of well-thought tech-oriented moves— started during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil—will re-shape the marketing and advertising landscape. Meanwhile you can check-out these videos below to learn how to turn your Coca-Cola and McDonald's’ packaging into VR headsets. Have fun!


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