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Win DiCaprio an Oscar in This Highly Entertaining 16-Bit Game

Play 'Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage' the first-ever platformer about an actor hungering for Oscar glory.
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It's no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio is hungry for an Oscar. Now, thanks to the power of video games, you can help him achieve that goal in a very funny browser-based "arcade style" platformer reminiscent of 16-bit SNES, Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage. No doubt a nod in name and pixels to arcade classic Rampage, The Line's game lets you play as Leo, who has to dash along the red carpet in a frenzied attempt to grab as many awards as possible.


With the bald-headed statuette dangling like a golden carrot before you, players press G and H (and space for jump) to race along collecting Emmys, BAFAs, SAGs, MTV Movie Awards, and Golden Globes (there are Golden Globe combos), all while avoiding photographers whose heads you jump on to displace. Oh, and there are icebergs to avoid, too. And Lady Gaga.

There are also levels where you have to race down the red carpet against other nominees like Michael Fassbender's Steve Jobs, Bryan Cranston as Trumbo, and Matt Damon decked out in his The Martian spacesuit. And there are bonus levels, one of which features you crawling to your car while having overdosed on quaaludes. Another, no doubt a dig at the Academy, features a "find the black nominee" game which is impossible because there doesn't appear to be any.

It's a lot of fun, perhaps far more than it should be. And the Oscar, true to life, remains just out of reach. That may all change on February 28, though, which could be a shame because the long-running internet joke over Leo's Oscar heartache will finally be over.

Go play the game here.


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