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Explore Psychedelic 3D Chambers Inspired By Video Games Like 'Diablo'

Digital artist Alex McLeod's new show "Myth" is full of digitally rendered surrealism, rich in color and inspired by cult games.

Halls of Viscera

Alex McLeod is a Canadian artist whose digitally rendered images reference the fantastical backdrops of video games like Diablo and Lighthouse, along with the classic PC adventure games released by Sierra Entertainment. His work focuses on imagined landscapes that have a sci-fi aesthetic—rich in abstractions, textures, and dripping with psychedelia.

McLeod creates his artwork using software like Cinema 4D, Photoshop, AfterEffects and UDK to concoct a range of forms and consistencies that look like anything from glass to metal, wood or plastic. The level of detail and the image's surreal lighting might look meticulously planned, but McLeod relies much more on instinct. "I don't start with a preconceived idea, the work just evolves by modifying textures, scale, and placement of the objects," he explains. The result is an effervescent mélange of colors and shapes, resembling what it would look like if a stick of dynamite went off inside a video game and left a trail of computated structures.


On September 6th, McLeod has a new exhibition titled Myth at the Galerie Trois Points in Montreal. For this show, the artist is mixing things up and bringing his vibrant renderings indoors: it will be his first show of interior spaces as opposed to landscapes. "It was difficult to make the transition" he says, "but I thought of the inside as a body which aided in the creation of the work."

You can check out some of the striking images from the new show, below:

Campin Shop




Gran Hall

To check out more of McLeod's work, head over to his website here.


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