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Best Of The Rest

Best Of The Rest: Skeleton Seinfeld, "Infinite Jest" Recreated With Legos, And Ghost Town Sochi

An extra long 'Week in Creativity' for an extra long weekend.
August 29, 2014, 10:00pm

This week, The Creators Project covered about an intelligent algorithm that made a discovery that had slipped by art historians, learned what 4D gaming actually means, and watched the VFX that turns Game of Thrones' Westeros into a fantasy realm. For everything we missed, here's the best of the rest…

This week we…

…Watched the ISS fly through an aurora [io9]

…Vibed with Roger Federer's art sensibilities. [Art News]

…Checked in with the ghost town that is Sochi, six months after the Olympics. [Gizmodo]

…Celebrated XL Record's 25th birthday by reading every Dazed article about 'em. [Dazed]


…Found our favorite pop culture characters added into found paintings from thrift shops. [Paste Magazine]

…Shattered contemporary ideas of the multiverse. [Wired]

…Shook it to this projection mapped dance performance.

…Got creeped out by Jerry Seinfeld's skeleton [JerrySeinfeldsSkeleton]

…Felt the satisfaction of ripping apart a 10,000 buckyball cube. [[Sploid](http://]

…Found out why this dolphin-shaped constellation is named "Bob." []

…Skipped reading Infinite Jest because an 11-year-old recreated it with LEGOs. [Flavorwire]

…Learned how they make golden Emmy statues. [Television Academy]

…Gagged at the worst new buildings of 2014 [Dezeen]

…Learned which Terry Gilliam scenes were the hardest to direct. [Vulture]

….Giggled at Thomas Pynchon's jokes about himself on The Simpsons [Twitter]

…Pondered the relationship between quantum physics and David Bowie [Wall Street Journal]

…Ogled these surreal conceptual dancing self-portraits [This Is Colossal]