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[Premiere] Jeremy McKeehen's Vision of a Transhuman Future

Neon animatronic limbs cover the 14th issue of FELT Zine.
Images courstey of FELT Zine

Every Saturday, The Creators Project premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective, FELT Zine.

A human tongue, covered in dollops of liquid metal, does the worm while a hand, held together by psychedelic spheres, taps its fingers in waves. It’s hard to not get overwhelmed looking over this week’s release—now onto their 14th issue, the young net art publishing house FELT Zine commissioned exclusive GIFs by artist and creative director Jeremy McKeehen. Splayed across an illusory black-and-white backdrop, animatronic limbs wiggle and wag, creating an unsettling combination of the real and the synthetic. Through the FELT Zine platform, McKeehen presents a modular and interactive representation of something he calls, “robo-sensuality.” Through this work, he explores a future wherein technology is profoundly integrated into not only our physical selves, but our consciousnesses. The artist writes, “These concepts serve as a platform to understanding not only robotic feelings, but also emotion as a whole. As we explore the cognizant depths of the machines we create, we use our own existence as a counterpoint for reflection.”


For this week’s issue, FELT’s Mark Digital worked closely with McKeehen to innovate their platform even further, adding a clickable new rotation effect exclusive to this issue.

You can check out more of Jeremy McKeehen's work on his Instagram, and click here for more FELT Zine.


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