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Hood By Air Announces an Immediate "Hiatus"

The brand is taking a break so that its cofounders Shayne Oliver and Leilah Weinraub can pursue independent projects.
Photo by Don Buckley, courtesy of I-D

Over the last decade, few fashion labels have been more closely affiliated with electronic music's cutting edge than Hood By Air. Shayne Oliver, the label's co-founder, was also a co-founder of instrumental New York club night GHE20GOTH1K back in 2009. The party and the label grew in tandem, each becoming defining features of the city's underground nightlife and fashion community. They created a haven for artists like Total Freedom and Arca, who made music for the label's shows and appeared at the party; you can check out our rundown of a recent HBA show scored by Wench (Oliver and Arca's collaborative project) here.


Now, Oliver has announced in a press release that the label is going on hiatus.

"Co-founders Shayne Oliver and Leilah Weinraub will be focusing on their current projects," the statement read. "Weinraub is currently developing her film and directorial career with her upcoming project 'SHAKEDOWN,' included in the Whitney Biennial in May. Oliver will be devoting himself in the immediate future to his responsibilities at Helmut Lang."

The label maintains that is not gone for good, stating that it "will continue to fulfill its creative vision in the near future."