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The Weeping Unicorn Candle Holder Will Melt Your Heart with Rainbows

This clever candlestick design is the internet incarnate.

For proof that the internet has physical form on earth, some look to artists like Trevor Paglen, who SCUBA dives to the intercontinental internet cables, or James Bridle, who traces the outlines of drones in public spaces, but this rainbow-crying unicorn candle is really all the evidence we need.

The Crying Unicorn Candle consists of a ceramic unicorn body with hollow eyes and a multi-chromatic wax candle horn. Light it up and the drippings pour out of its face like tears, giving it its name. It's the perfect encapsulation of social media's obsession with color and recognizable, relatable emotions, all wrapped up in one. Stare into the eyes of the internet and these wax-filled eyes stare back.


Distributed by London-based gift purveyors Firebox, the Crying Unicorn Candle is one part of an ongoing campaign to mainline internet culture directly into the bloodstream (or, apartment complex). The company has an in-house design team that's constantly cooking up new ideas, and which works with creators on Etsy and Kickstarter to stay fresh. "The product took several months to develop," Firebox rep Cara Davies tells Creators. "We worked hard on the quality, even testing out various multi-colored dripping candles to ensure the unicorn cried in spectacular rainbow fashion."

Firebox is responsible for other virally marketed products like F*cking Strong Coffee, Unicorn Tears Gin, and Mushions, which are cushions you can print your face onto, but the Crying Unicorn Candle is the epitome of their years-long search to hit the net's gift-giving sweet spot. In fact, to hear them say it, this is just the beginning. Says Davies, "We're currently working on several other exciting projects, so watch this space!"

The Crying Unicorn Candle is currently out of stock, but if it has successfully melted your heart you can pre-order from the next batch here.


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