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These Cartoon Women Have Mastered the Art of the Eye Roll

Jillian Evelyn wants us all to express the feelings we hide inside.
Al images courtesy the artist

That completely fed-up eye roll you feel searing into your back? Painter and illustrator Jillian Evelyn believes that negative emotions can be colorful things. The world she creates is populated by women with nipples and eyelashes that are equallyso over your shit.

Evelyn describes her characters as "kind of annoyed and moody." If nothing else, they have mastered the fine art of the eye roll. "They're always expressing the emotions you don't let other people see," Evelyn tells Creators.

"I worked in the corporate world, and I used to get in trouble for crying at work," she says. "I felt like my emotions were something I needed to hide." After leaving her business-minded jobs (where she was working on "cutesy, commercial" pieces) because she was burned out, Evelyn began to explore these negative feelings on a colorful canvas.

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