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The Guy Behind the Trump Dossier Is Going Back to His Day Job

Christopher Steele is coming out of hiding and returning to work at London's Orbis Business Intelligence, apparently.
Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images

Former British spy Christopher Steele—the guy who allegedly put together that explosive Trump dossier—is returning to work at London's Orbis Business Intelligence, the Telegraph reports.

Steele put out a statement Tuesday announcing his plan to head back to Orbis, where he works as a director. According to the company's website, it works to provide "strategic advice, mount intelligence-gathering operations, and conduct complex, often cross-border investigations," which sounds like some freaky-ass shit disguised in jargon, but whatever.

"I'm really pleased to be back here working again at the Orbis's offices in London today," Steele said in his brief statement to the press.

Steele didn't comment on the dossier directly, which was made public by BuzzFeed in January and alleged that Trump had ties to Russia and that his campaign associates colluded on the DNC hacks. Steele reportedly went into hiding after it was released. Now, it looks the guy's coming back to his normal life, and his neighbor can stop feeding his cats.

"I'm now going to be focusing my efforts on supporting the broader interests of our company here," Steele continued. "I'd like to say a warm thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages and support over the last few weeks."

Last fall, before the dossier was made public, the FBI reportedly reached out to Steele—who Trump has called a "failed spy"—to potentially continue his work and keep digging up more intel on the then presidential candidate. Although the deal fell through, the intelligence community has been able to verify at least some of the claims Steele made in the dossier, which Trump has called "phony stuff."