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Lauren Flax's 'Pleasure Principle' Feat. Kim Ann Foxman is Dark Pop at Its Finest

Even Freud would go buck wild to this track.
September 11, 2014, 1:23am
Photo by Holly Falconer, via 

You guys know what the pleasure principle is, right? Everyone's favorite bullshitter (Sigmund Freud) said it's what makes us drink champagne and throw parties and bake muffins and rub our privates against our bike seats just a little too vigorously—the instict that drives us to seek pleasure, basically.

Well, one of our favorite DJs (and master of the top bun hairstyle), Lauren Flax, has gone ahead and made a supremely enjoyable single called Pleasure Principle. The title track, a killer pop song full of dark atmospherics and 80s-style synths, begins with Kim Ann Foxman singing a warning that we can all relate to, in some form or another: "You might think I'm crazy but I'm serious—it's better you know now." Pleasure yourself to our exclusive stream above, featuring Eli Escobar and Kim Ann Foxman on remix duties—and download Escobar's offering, because yes, you can do that.

Pleasure Principle is out on September 30 (September 16on CREEP INTL)


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