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Soul Clap's New Collaboration Will Make Your Ears Pregnant

Good luck drying your eyes after this one.

The groove-junkie Boston-via-Brooklyn duo, Soul Clap, have been pushing out enough sex-infused beats lately to impregnate the majority of the Eastern Seaboard. They just put down a stellar mix for yours truly, released their label's first full album from Nick Monaco, and are now back with one of their most anticipated releases, a collaboration with the R&B house-music vocalist Robert Owens, who you might know for his work with the seminal Chicago group Fingers Inc or anywhere along his extensive discography

The track itself is called "Misty (Club Mix)," and has been a staple in their DJ sets as of late. It's got a classically Soul Clappy bassline, some hoppin' high-hats, and enough Chi-town vocal work from Owens to transport you straight back to The Warehouse. There's a lot of feels in this puppy, so grab a tissue, something furry and shiny, and go do some naughty shit in a dark corner while blasting this choon at 11.

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