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Aphex Twin's Long Lost 'Caustic Window' LP Is Streamable, Right Now

Oh my god.

Behold, the long lost Caustic Window album from Aphex Twin—you know, the one that the resurfaced test pressing of recently amounted to a Kickstarter fund that raised over $67,000—is now available to stream in full on YouTube.

After the test pressing copy of the LP surfaced on Discogs in April for $13,500, fans brought attention to the pricing and rarity of the copy. With the help of the Rephlex label and fair pressure on the owner, a Kickstarter campaign began. 4,124 contributors paid $67,424 (an average of $16.35) for a digital, "lossless" audio file, ripped from the test pressing.

Now, the album has emerged in full, for free. You have to wonder in moments like these—where lies the value in the "rare" record if the ease and speed of online uploads can render what was once so rare, now so readily available? Well, after all that, that test pressing is now on eBay: starting price? $6,000.