Kill Your Hangover the Kind Way with This Vegan BLT

Kill Your Hangover the Kind Way with This Vegan BLT

Baconless but delicious, this tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sarnie from London pop-up Club Mexicana is the cruelty-free cure for your aching head.
March 19, 2017, 11:00am

Waking up on a Sunday morning can be a traumatic experience. First comes the confusion. Where am I? How did I get home? Is it always this bright before midday? Once your whereabouts and the location of your phone/house keys/wallet have been established, it's time for mild regret—soon to be transformed into all-out guilt—as you hazily recall the events of last night. Yes, you did involve a senior colleague in an entirely one-sided and very emotional discussion of the new Feist song. Yes, you did end up taking a 15 quid Uber home. And without-a-doubt yes, that is a kebab shop chili sauce stain on your new white trainers.



The best cure for a case of The Fear is a breakfast that won't compile further guilt. One that Morrissey would approve of but that also contains enough carbs and grease to soak up any residual sambuca (really?) still sloshing around your addled system. Club Mexicana, London's coolest new vegan spot, have the kind-but-killer sandwich your body and mind need right now. Their BLT is entirely plant-based and swaps out bacon for crispy tempeh cooked in soy sauce. Smear some vegannaise on thickly sliced Turkish bread, add tomatoes and lettuce (and avocado, vegans know what's up), and you've got yourself a VBLT.

You might want another slice of tempeh bacon before reading your sent messages, though.