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Go Behind the Scenes With Skepta's New Documentary 'Greatness Only

It's an intimate look at a living grime legend, and it's available to stream via Apple Music now.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

You already know that Skepta has had an amazing year. He won the Mercury Prize, his album was certified gold, and he performed a sold out show at Alexandra Palace, which climaxed with him perched atop an actual burning car in an extreme power stance. But perhaps what you don't know is the story behind that—how he got to that point, and how he prepared for the largest show of his career so far. That's where his new documentary Greatness Only comes in. Presented in collaboration with Apple Music and Beats 1, it's a look behind the scenes featuring interviews with Skepta and those closest to him, and it's the perfect ending to a career-defining year for the man who has become a figurehead for grime in London and beyond. You can watch Greatness Only here. (Image via Beats 1 on Twitter)