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David Bowie May Have Been Fond of Trolling His Own Fan Forums

"Sailor", a person speculated to be Bowie, would respond to fans and typically own the hell out of them.

The first anniversary of David Bowie's death is tomorrow, and on the heels of a new posthumous EP, fans are collecting the plentiful stories from Bowie's eventful life. The man was full of character which extended to every part of his existence, including the online world. As journalist Ali Catterall reminds us all via Twitter, Bowie may have had an account on unofficial fan forum BowieWonderworld (it's still active!) where he would unexpectedly respond to fan stories like this one under the name Sailor, which is also the same name he used in his official forum Bowienet.


The reign of Sailor (the Wonderworld regulars would speculate the meaning of the name) seemed to centre around the early and mid 00s. The idea of Bowie taking the time off after releasing 2003's Reality lurking forums and cackling as he quotes himself to fans wondering whether it's better to be a Bowie fan or the man himself is pretty great. Even besides Sailor's visits, the forum is a treasure trove of discussion, including this one about a then-unknown Montreal band called "The Arcade Fire" that Bowie seemed to be a fan of.

Hardcore Bowie fans have known about the Duke's possible internet presence for a very long time now, so this particular story isn't anything brand new but it's worth remembering stories like this, evidence that the Starman was once an earthbound presence.

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