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Chef's Night Out: Faith & Flower

Executive chef Michael Hung and his team from Faith & Flower head out from their Downtown LA location for a decadent evening of foie gras, Champagne, and more foie gras.

Executive chef Michael Hung, and his team at Faith & Flower, have won about every accolade a restaurant can achieve in its first year. In this episode of Chef's Night Out, Michael and the crew head out from their Downtown LA location to cover some serious ground in just one night—and eat a ton of food along the way.

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With the foie gras ban in California recently lifted, the guys chow down on the delicacy at the newly opened Terrine in Beverly Hills. Then its off to Union in Pasadena, where chef Bruce Kalman nearly destroys the group with a massive 16-course meal (and more foie gras). Finally, we trek back to Hollywood to polish off a magnum of Champagne at Pour Vous before arriving back at Faith & Flower for our final meal, which—surprise!—features even more foie gras. How's that for a little decadence?

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