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Toronto's Shagabond Remakes DUCKWRTH's "LOWRIDR" in His Own Gloriously Relaxed Image

The north can be just as mellow as the West Coast.

Is Soundcloud back? The platform suffered multiple (literal, financial) losses over the last few years but it's still a useful platform for hosting the latest in cutting-edge rap, especially when it infuses itself with the dance world. Toronto producer Shagabond has practically lived in Soundcloud's nooks and crannies and once again he's emerged with greatness in the form of a remix of LA rapper DUCKWRTH's "LOWIRDR." Shagabond takes the already hazy original and lets it exhale even more through a jazzy coda of glassy keys and guitar sketches.


"Earlier this year, I was visiting Brooklyn and got the chance to meet up with DUCKWRTH's team over lunch," says Shagabond, "Once I got back to Toronto, they sent me over some acapellas from his latest project. I gravitated to the acapella for 'LOWRIDR' pretty quickly because I liked the original and wanted to see what I could design around his quick cadence. I ended up going for something that blended together the high energy of modern rap with something that felt more intimate and sounded timeless." Listen to the "LOWRIDR" remix below.

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