Watch Charli XCX (and a Passed-Out AG Cook) Perform on 'Kimmel'

She (they?) played "After the After-Party" and new song "Bounce".
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
February 10, 2017, 12:19pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

The last house party I went to had sticky floors and people necking loudly in the kitchen. I drank a bottle of prosecco, and reader, did I ever sick it up in my horrible toilet afterwards! Ha, #LiveLaughLove. Anyway this is to say, I don't know what sort of parties Charli XCX is going to when the white fur-lined walls and platforms match her bikini and full length coat, but I hope she invites me next time. What I am referring to here is the setup for Charli's performance on Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, which saw Charli sporting the outfit I wear in all my best dreams astride a passed-out AG Cook of PC Music fame (who she has been working with on her as-yet untitled next album).

First up she performed her Lil Yachty-featuring ode to the sesh "After the Afterparty", above—unfortunately sans Yachty, who has his hands full with another pop collab—before taking the stage for new song "Bounce," which was initially debuted at PC Music's LA Pop City Party last summer, and is essentially "Work Bitch" if it were sung by Britney's demented, party-obsessed little sister. Watch Charli's performance of "Bounce" below, and get yourself a drink of whatever AG's having:

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