Imagine Doing That Thing You’ve Been Thinking About Doing Forever

The inspirational trailer for VICE x Jack Daniel’s ‘Make It Count’ will make you do just that.

Most people with any ambition have at least one thing in the back of their mind they’ve been itching to get around to for as long as they can recall. But life gets in the way, and dreams fade. For four incredible (and incredibly inspirational) people—Kaela, Damien, Rafael, and Jarrett—that dream never fully disappeared, though. And so when each of them is given a shot to make it count and accomplish the One Big Thing they’ve always wanted to pursue but never had the time or guts to, they do just that. In the trailer for this episode of Make It Count, a joint production between VICE+ and Jack Daniel’s, they all drop everything for the chance to go for it, and embark on that one thing they’ve always wanted to do—quit a job to live a creative dream, overcome a physical obstacle, reunite with a former partner, and unplug from the everyday grind to realize an artistic ambition. The result may make you do the same. Watch the trailer for Make It Count above, and be sure to tune in to VICE TV at 11:30pm EST on December 18 to be inspired by people who took the shot they’ve always wanted to take. Maybe you’re next?